Making Money On The Internet

5 Essential Tools For Making Money On The Internet

Making money on the internet can become both easy and complicated, depending on your use and understanding of some critical tools.

All successful marketers know this and take advantage of it by mastering the use of these tools and platforms and getting them to work together.
A single tool or platform by itself cannot bring you any success, but rather the mastery of various one’s.

Remember, even though the tools are of great importance, and will bring you results, you should always strive to learn as much as you can about the fundamentals of marketing.

This will bring real success!

Landing Pages

making money on the internet with a landing pagePage building software is an absolute necessity if you want any hope of making money on the internet.

This is mainly due to it being first real place where people get to interact with your brand and get a feel what you and your business is all about.
First impressions do count, and this is therefore the ideal opportunity to build trust and make an immediate impact.

Because you only have a few seconds to grab people’s attention, you need to make the most of it.

Writing catchy headlines that build intrigue and curiosity is just one of the ways to capture attention.
See the following article about Landing Page Building which will guide you through the steps.

There are a number of ways that you can create landing pages for the product or service that you’re offering.

  1. Page Building Software – you can easily create your own pages using ready-made templates that have been proven to work
    Simply use the built-in ‘Drag ‘n Drop’ technology to customize  these pages to your exact requirements.
    Although it’s relatively easy to learn and use, there is usually a monthly subscription which varies depending on where you purchase it.
    Though there are many, I would advise to use Lead Pages as it is very simple and affordable compared to the other software.
    So, if you want to save time, and have some control then landing page software is the choice.
  2. Use WordPress – If you have some time and are prepared to learn and experiment, then WordPress is perfect for you.
    The other advantage is that it is 100% free, and yours to keep forever.
  3. Outsourcing – this is another option if you don’t have much time and patience is to use a professional freelancer.
    The one disadvantage is that you have almost zero control, and are at the mercy of a third party.
    So, whenever you need something to be edited, you will need to wait on somebody else.

Email Automation Software

Simply put, your email list is the lifeline of your business, whether your realize this or not.
It is arguably the most valuable asset in your business.
The bigger the list of people who know, love and trust your, the more valuable this asset. Having an email list will allow you to instantly broadcast any message that you want to all your list members who will gladly listen to you.People are much more likely to make repeat purchases from you, especially if they have done so once. You therefore need a reliable platform that will get your automated emails delivered to people’s inbox and not to the span and junk folders.A platform that I found extremely effective at doing this is GetRespnse. They have a whole array of additional features, including one that checks for fake email addresses.I highly recommend this platform, they also have excellent service and I still use them to this day.

Funnel Building Software

sales funnelYou need a sales funnel if you want to consistently make money on the internet.This is simply a process that guides your prospects from one phase of their buying journey to the next.This is crucial to your success.People simply don’t visit a website or online store and make a purchase immediately. They need to be coaxed and reassured that they won’t make a wrong purchase decision.This is where a funnel becomes very valuable, by placing the correct message and information in front of the prospect, relevant to what stage of the buying process they’re at. Again, funnels can be created using free tools like WordPress but this is tedious and not recommended unless you are willing to spend much of your time learning the process.

Click Funnels is a very popular platform, and gives you everything you need to create complete funnels.
It is however only available monthly subscription and can be quite costly for beginners.


blogYour blog is your home, and plays an important role in building trust and credibility with your audience.
It is not as critical as the landing page for generating new leads and sales.

Can you sell without a blog?
You most certainly can, but having one just gives your business that overall professional look and feel.

You are more likely to get repeat business from customers when they know you’ve got a blog, compared to not having one.

The most popular and cheapest way to create a blog is using the free wordpress platform which is absolutely free.

Platform For Online Stores

For Online Store’s having a platform to showcase your products and services is the number 1 priority.
This is a definite requirement for physical products, as these need to be visually displayed to create an impact.

Platforms like Shopify and Samcart do a good job of displaying your products and automating the sales process.
They are however paid services and might take beginners some time to start generating profits.

The WordPress platform has many plugins that can do the same job, such as ‘Woo Commerce’  which is free.
Will take longer to master, but the advantage is that it is free.

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