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Complete Online Business Guide
All The Tips & Advice
To Start & Grow An Online Business

In this guide, I will attempt to share the most valuable tips and tricks, as well as advice on all aspects of starting and growing an online business.The information I’m sharing is based on my personal experience as well as coaching I’ve received from some of the top industry experts in the world.One thing to remember is that if you want to be successful, you need to do whatever it takes. Are you prepared to spend money on multiple training courses to find one that works for you Will you spend all of your available time learning something or working on your business?When things don’t work out as planned, are you going to quit or fight on?Let’s begin. 


  • Your desire to succeed is more important than any technical skills, software, or program.
  • Keep going even if you make costly mistakes, it part of learning.
  • Continue learning and educating yourself.
  • Focus on building a real business over a long period of time instead of chasing after quick sales.
  • Do your best to genuinely give as much value as you possibly can to your audience… you’ll reap the rewards later.
  • Be patient, and keep on doing the right thing, this is not ‘get rich quick’ but instead the accumulation of small efforts that will ultimately produce success.
  • Be prepared to hustle in the beginning while you hone your skills.
  • No successful endeavor is ever without setbacks and trouble, ask any successful person if theirs was easy.
  • If you’re not cashing in after 1-2 years despite lots of hard work… then this is a good sign that you might be on the right track – keep learning and keep going.
  • Get into good working habits, this builds momentum, this is true for bad habits too.
  • Start looking at ads in your Fb, Twitter & IG feeds and try to focus on the scroll stoppers. Save these for future reference.
    What made you stop to read..? Try to model your own ads on this when you start your advertising campaigns.

Getting Started

straight tarred road with start road marking

  • Invest in a training course or program… paid or free to get started
  • Commit to learning and then, immediately implement whatever you learn.
  • Take notes or highlight important parts for future reference.
  • Start with affiliate marketing if you don’t have your own product or service to sell.
  • Create a blog or website as soon as possible, even if you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • Start with one product and stick to it… don’t get distracted by the hype and perceived glamour and reward of every new product.
  • If you do start as an affiliate, don’t neglect working toward,  eventually having and selling your own product.
  • Focus on building a real business instead of a side hustle, (if you can) this will always be more profitable.
  • Don’t wait until you know everything before getting started, just jump in and learn from your mistakes – it’s also more fun and will produce some great stories.


find your niche drawing

  •  Choose a niche or product that you’re passionate about because when times are tough this passion will help to keep you going.
  • It needs to be one with the potential of being profitable, If not, rather choose one that will make money.
  • Use google trends and a good keyword tool to get good ideas for your niche.
  • Start with affiliate marketing if you’re not yet set in your niche, you can slowly transition to your own product while making money.

Avatar & Audience

six different avatars

  • Once you have chosen a niche, find a specific avatar or type of person that you want to target (be of service too)
    Example: In the gym and fitness niche you will find many different avatars, each with completely different needs and goals.
    The needs of a chubby housewive, will be vastly different to those of a guy who is trying to build muscle mass.
  • Choose one, and let all  your messaging be directed at them, this creates a connection very quickly, and also builds trust which leads to sales.
  • Be the expert in one tiny section of a niche, and don’t try to serve everyone, you’ll end up losing them all.
  • If you focus on a very specific niche you’ll be seen as an expert, and people prefer to deal with experts.

Market Research

man doing research and calculations

  • Do proper market research before settling on a niche and product, it will save you lots of trouble and frustration in the future.
  • If you don’t have a niche or product of interest, use a free tool like google trends to see if it has the potential of being profitable
  • Should your ideal niche not be a very profitable one, then it would probably be wise to consider changing to one where you’re likely to make some money.

Finding Affiliate Products

affiliate marketing banner on keyboard

  • There are many ways to find affiliate offers, but perhaps the easiest and most widely used method is to join an affiliate network.
  • Some of the leading and most popular networks are;
    Clickbank – Use Clickbank to find the best selling products in your niche, there is a way of checking to see biggest sellers.
    Share A Sale
    Max Bounty
  • Offer Vault
  • Start with one product first and stick with it for a while before trying something new – One of the biggest mistakes that marketers make is that they always changing products.
  • It is ok to move to the next product, but only once you’ve got a proven process for making sales and automating it.
  • Digitally downloadable products or member access products are a better option as it’s instant and also has much less hassles than physical products.
  • If your product is successful, select a second one (preferably same niche) using a similar marketing strategy to the first to sell it.

Avatar & Audience

  • Choose a very specific audience and then focus on them to avoid all the competition.
  • For example: gym workouts has a broad audience vs.home leg workouts for women.

Keyword Research

page with words

  • Firstly, you are going to need a good keyword tool.
  • This is the foundation of you business, so choose the best one.
  • Try to find low competition keywords that have high search volume, this gets you ranked very quickly in search engines.
  • Next, find products that are related to these keywords so that you can promote them.
  • There are paid and free tools available, but the one that stands out, and gives you just about everything in a keyword tool and more is ahrefs.


logo design on screen

  • Create a logo for your business, this contributes toward the credibility of your online business.

Domain Registration

.com domain

  • Choose a domain name for your business, preferably one that is catchy, easy to remember and resonates with your business.
  • Check if this name is also available on social media platforms, so that it blends with your domain and makes it easy to find on social.
  • which is broad and does not limit you

Web Hosting

web hosting

  • Though there are many web hosting companies, it is crucial that you choose one, not on price but rather performance and service..
  • This is crucial if you are planning to have a long-term business
  • Make sure that your hosting company provides you with an ssl certificate

Website & Blog

web design

  • Once you discover your niche or product that you’d like to sell, you can go ahead and start creating your website/blog.
  • This is your new home on the internet, it is going to boost your reputation, credibility, and trust with people, keep on improving it.
  • If you have time, it is worth learning the basics of WordPress if you are planning to take your online business seriously.
  • It can usually be downloaded directly through Cpanel, which can be accessed through your web hosting company dashboard, this goes directly onto their servers where you can start building your site for free.
  • When designing your site, consider doing it in a way that gives users a good experience, with the navigation being clear and simple.
  • Always make all of your pages mobile-friendly, this is where most searches occur.
  • It is a good practice to place a ‘Privacy ‘Policy’ and ‘Terms and Conditions page on your site, the importance will be seen later.
  •  There are many ways that you can build a website depending on your resources and time, both free and paid.

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Future Content


woman holding seo sign

  • If you’re using WordPress, then install a Seo plugin to semi-automate your SEO efforts.
  • Place the keyword which you want to rank for in the title of your page or post, provided it makes sense.
  • This should be a low competition phrase so that you can rank easily.
  • Add a number and a power word to describe your topic.
    (12 Incredible ways to…) if anything, this increases your CTR.
  • Use a short, descriptive slug to tell users what the page is about.
  • Insert other relevant keywords phrases that you would like to rank for in the body of your text, but it should sound natural, not spammy.
  • Use HTTPS to signify that your site is secure and customer data cannot be easily breached.
  • It’s critical to make your site mobile-friendly as more than half of all searches are conducted using mobile phones.
  • Do make sure that your pages load fast as this gives a good user experience. Slow speeds dramatically increase bounce rates.
  • Use internal links to and from your page or post

Create Content

Blog Content

  • After you have done keyword research, you can now start writing your content based on the low-competition keywords that you have researched.
  • Have a great headline that emphasizes your keyword phrase.
  • Use sub-headlines within the text to break up large content and show readers what that section is all about.
  • Write as you speak, avoiding complicated words if possible.
  • Keep your sentences and paragraphs short as most people hate reading and will be overwhelmed by long text passages.
  • Use bulleted points and page indents to highlight certain sections.
  • Bold, and different colored text is also a good option to break things up.
  • Additionally, use images in your content to keep things interesting.
  • If you don’t enjoy writing, then use software tools to help you.
  • Outsourcing to freelance writers are another option.
  • Always edit the final piece of content yourself to make it your own.
  • Try to write interesting articles that are easily shareable on social media.
  • his allows your content to appear on the first page of search engines very quickly.
  • Avoid high competition keywords, as it is near impossible to rank for them.
  • You can work toward this, but only after getting some traffic from the low-competition keywords.

Lead Magnet

hand holding a magnet and attracting people

  • If you want to grow your business and have long term success, then you need a lead magnet to get visitors to your email list.
  • The lead magnet should help the user solve a specific problem, taking them from point A to B.
  • Create a lead magnet that is short and easy to consume and which can also be used as future reference.
  • This should preferably be downloadable or instantly accessable. Physical products can work, but are not such a great idea.
  • Examples include:
    Resource List
  • Create multiple lead magnets if possible and test them against each other.

Optin Form

optin form

  • Use a maximum of 2 fields on your form for all new visitors (Name & Email) – ask for more and you scare them away!
  • Use colors that contrast from the rest of the page, especially the button which needs to completely stand out.
  • The form is an important part of building your list

Website & Blog

Landing Page

landing pages on tablet

  • You are going to need to build many landing pages in your online career, as it is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle.
  • Landing pages should be built to operate independently from your main site.
  • It is merely the first place where visitors land after interacting with a search result, ad, or video.
  • Use your page to direct visitors to the exact place that you desire.
  • Make your landing page simple and direct, with only two options
    1. Accept the offer
    2. Leave the page
  • Do not place any navigation menus of social media icons on the page, this distracts visitors and gives them a reason to click.
  •  Your headline should be intriguing and engage your visitors in such a way that they want to find out more or stay on the page longer.
  • Place some kind of free incentive on your page to encourage further interaction after leaving
  • Use a retargeting campaign to have further interaction with your page visitors in the future.


email messages flying through the air

  • You need to buy automated emailing software for sending follow-up email messages to people who join your mailing list.
  • Use an email service provider that has a high deliverability rate.
  • Choose a provider that gives you A/B testing, this allows you to test how effective one campaign performs against another.
  • Create a ‘welcome email series’ before trying to get people to opt-in to your mailing list.
  • Your follow-up email sequence should also be drafted ahead of time to prevent a situation where you’ve got no emails to send to your list.
  • This should continually be worked on and modified, with new emails being added all the time.
  • Start building a high-quality email list from the start even if the process is slow. 10 interested people are better than 1000 who don’t really care about your product or service.
  • Send relevant messages to your list member in line with the interest they’ve shown through your lead magnet.
  • Segment your list (separate into smaller groups) to send even more personalized emails. This increases open rates.
  • When writing your messages, use a tone that is friendly and personal, instead of formal and business-like.
  • Don’t forget, that your emails must be awesome. Educate and continue giving value
  • Optimize your emails for mobile because this is where most of them are initially read.

Facebook Page

facebook page

  • Create a Facebook business page with a the same name as your website/blog if possible.
  • Design and create a professional looking banner for your page.
    You can use a tool like Canva to make it.
  • The banner should congruent to what your business is all about.
  • Use a page profile image that clearly shows your head and shoulders. This increases trust with your visitors.
  • Start writing valuable and marketable content posts.
  • These should ideally be able to be used as an ad later on.
  • Run a Facebook ad ‘like campaign’ for selected posts that you’ll be using as an ad. The likes is to build social proof and credibility.

Facebook Business Manager

  • Create a Facebook business manager account to run and manage ad campaigns.
  • Create two accounts and fund them and start running ads

Google Ads – Paid Traffic

google logo

  • Get the google adwords planner keyword tool to do keyword research.
  • You should run ads as you are completely in control of the message you send, and how much you want to spend
  • Paid traffic allows you to instantly appear on google.
  • You can target any type of audience or geograpahic location.
  • As a beginner, bid on keywords that are cheap and have low competition.


  • Create a google analytics account to track all the metrics of your site visits.
  • If you want to be in control of your business, then it’s vital that you install google analytics on your site.
  • Use the tag manager if you plan on expanding and tracking many different pages


Affiliate Marketing



  • Your desire to succeed is more important than any technical skill or software.
  • You can have all the

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