Affiliate marketing is a wonderful opportunity to generate a passive income with unlimited earning potential.
It is easily one of the quickest ways to get started with an online business.

The simple reason is that the product is ready-made.
Very little effort will be required from you, except for the marketing.
There are however a few basic fundamentals that need to be understood if you are to succeed.

Many people are sold on the hype of the earning potential which is possible, but fail to realize that like with anything in life, the best ones usually win, and affiliate marketing is no exception.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to generate a substantial passive income, without the need to invest the time energy, and capital in to creating your own product.
Everything is ready-made, you just start marketing and then get paid once somebody buys a product through your link.

A word of caution though, do not rule out the possibility of eventually creating your own product.
The the most successful people online, who have their own product also once started with affiliate marketing.

If it was so easy and simple, the question then needs to be asked.
Why do so many people fail?
Well, let’s try and find out.

First Steps

Here are some guidelines to help you to succeed and get the most out of this training.

No matter what area of life you choose to look at you are going to find people who absolutely thrive in a specific field or industry.
At the other end you will always find those who struggle but who seem to be doing their very best.

This phenomanon is prevalent all over the world, in every industry and sector of society.
It can by found in business, entertainment and sport.
Certain types of people always seem to be winning while the rest keep on failing.

The most successful persons share some of the following qualities and if you adopt some of these it will be of great advantage to you in your quest to succeed with affiliate marketing.

How much passion and love do you have for what you are doing?
Are you just in it for the money and do make a few quick sales?
If you’re only interested in making money, and doing so quickly then things are going to be much more difficult for you to build a long-term sustainable business.


My definition of discipline is needing to something that you don’t really like doing – but doing it anyway.
A good example is getting out of bed at 4am everyday, summer or winter.
One thing is certain, is that you are going to experience days and times when you just don’t feel like doing the ‘dirty work’
The crucial moments will be when you decide to maintain discipline.
This is what eventually separate the  winners from the losers.
You have to remember that this is a game

Being good at affiliate marketing does require a few skills.
The more relevant skills that you possess and use, the more likely you are to perform better.
By continually learning and adopting new and relevant skills will give you an enormous advantage.
Yes, anyone can copy and paste a few links and run some Ads but possessing multiple sills is far more beneficial for long-term success.
So, after starting your affiliate journey, commit to learning one skill at a time and you will be surprised at how much knowledge you’re able to gather in a very short time.

On your journey, and in your pursuit to achieve your goals, no matter how small or big you are bound to face adversity, obstacles and struggles.
When you do experience some setbacks all this means is that you’re missing something or you’re doing something wrong.
To fix this, you just need to find out what you have been doing wrong and fix it.
No matter what it takes.

Are you going quit and give up in disgust or are you going to do whatever it takes to succeed?
What if you repeatedly get knocked down, are you gonna stay down or keep on getting up?
The most successful of men never give up and are prepared to keep on fighting.
The question is, will you get up or stay down.

Affiliate Marketing Training

man holding bannerTry to get at least a basic understanding of how affiliate marketing works by doing some online research.
This can be done by reading relevant blog articles on the topic, watching videos, and following the appropriate forums and groups.
Enroll in an affiliate marketing training course that gives step-by-step and detailed instruction.

In my years of experience with online courses, I have found that there is not one particular course that is going to teach you everything.
The creators of these programs teach from their perspective which is based on their particular experience.
Try to learn, absorb and use whatever you can and then if you’re not satisfied move to the next course and do likewise.
Do not troll or criticise any program if it does not work for you, but rather take what you can from it.
One reason that most people fail with online courses is not that there is anything wrong with the course but due to the student not taking action and implementing.

Of all the training courses that I have taken, I have found Wealthy Affiliate to be extremely beneficial in teaching the fundamentals of affiliate marketing.
It is available on a month-to-month subscription and does come with a ‘Free Trial’ version.
There is an absolute wealth of knowledge and understanding of the basics of affiliate marketing.

The focus is on building a long-term business, so if getting rich quickly is what you’re looking for than this is not for you.

Join An Affiliate Platform

If you’re already settled in a niche, then congradulations to you.
Most people new to affiliate marketing however, don’t have a clue about what product to sell or niche to choose.

Choose A Niche

Decide on the type of niche which you would like to promote, this could be anything from health & fitness to financial services, digital products, or virtually anything that you can think of.
One bit of advice… Try to choose something that you actually enjoy promoting.

Choose A Business Name

Choose a business name that is going to be relevant to the products or services which you intend to promote.
An optimal name would be one that is an exact match to the domain name which you intend to use.
So, choose a name where the exact domain is still available.

Create A Logo

An easy way to create a logo for your new business is to use the free tool Canva.
It gives you many templates that you can dit and customize to your specific style.

Choose A Hosting Company

If your intention is to build a long-term affiliate marketing business, then having a web hosting company to host your blog/website is an absolute necessity.
Sign up for a hosting package with a reputable hosting provider.
on the hosting platform, you will find an option to directly download the latest version of WordPress onto the servers.
This is where you are going to build your website or blog.

Create Blog/Website

To Be taken seriously in the online world, having a website or blog is vital to success. In addition to giving you immense credibility with your audience, you are also seen as trustworthy and having authority.
I would strongly advise you to learn how to build your own website or blog using the page builder Elementor.
It will take a bit of learning but having this skill will be most valuable to you and will save you lots of time and money in the future.
Alternatively, there are freelancers available on Fiverr who will gladly assist you in building your site.
The downside to this is repeated cost involved every time you need to add or edit something in addition to a waiting period.

Privacy Policy:

Terms and Conditions:

Create An Avatar

All successful businesses share a common trait, they know exactly who they are targeting and they use this to grow exponentially.
Beginners and the uninformed don’t have a clue as to how effective this strategy actually is, and therefore target a very wide audience which is ineffective and very costly.
Would you try selling tobacco or alcohol-related products to devout church-going Christians?

Product & Niche Research

You will need to research the niche as well as the related product or service which you’ve opted for.
This would include searching the web for all types of related articles and videos about the topic>
Try to get a thorough understanding of how everything works and then.

Do Keyword Research

Every day, hundreds of millions of people all over the world, go on to Google and type in different search terms related to something they are searching for online.

Create Content

Article Writing:
Start writing valuable articles related to your niche, these should be valuable and informative to your audience.
This is going to be and ongoing process that lasts for the entirety of your business.

Even if you do not enjoy writing, don’t let this deter you as there are ways around this.
You could hire a freelancer to do this at a nominal cost.the topics which you have researched.

Alternatively, take take up the task yourself by doing research and then writing your own content
use a tool called Grammarly to assist you with the composition, spelling and grammar of your articles.

Create A Marketing Funnel

When attempting to sell a product, your aim should not be to only sell a single product but rather a range of products to the same client that total several hundred or even thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the client.
This makes much better sense than only trying to sell single products fo a quick sale.
To do this you need to create a product funnel that starts out with a free or very low priced product, then slowly increases in price over a set period

Create A Lead Magnet

Your ultimate goal should not be to sell products or services, but rather to build a business, and one sure way to build this business is by having a database of clients that trust you.
A very good way to build this database is to get people on your email list, where you can continually nurture and market to them, hopefully for many years in the future.
The overall lifetime value of a client is much more important than quick sales from people that you’re unlikely to ever hear from again.

Create An Opt-In Form

Create Optin Form:
This is the form that you are going to place on your blog to capture the tname and email address of all prospects who you are offering a free gift that you should have created by now. If your gift is appealing and solves a definite problem, then many people will opt into your email list.

Create A Landing Page

Landing Page Creation:
Arguably the quickest  way to drive traffic to an offer is via a landing page that offers an item of value to a specific audience.
The traffic usually comes from various sources like Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn marketing.

Driving Traffic

Driving Traffic To Your Offer:
You can have the best product at the best price, displayed on the best website… but it’s absolutely worthless if nobody can see it.

Email Autoresponder Software

A vital part of your success will be the email list that you create uing an Autoresponder.
This tool will capture the name and email address of everyone that signs up using the opt-in form.
These details then go into a predefined list that you create when setting it up

Create Email Welcome Message

When people opt-in to your email list after claiming the gift, they will be greeted by a welcome and thank you message that you need to personalize in the settings of your Autoresponder.

Grow Email Subscriber List

Probably the single, biggest asset that you will possess in your business.
This is the database of people who have either bought or interacted with you and trust you sufficiently to hand over their money to you in exchange for your expertise.
There are a few proven ways to continually grow and expand this list, thereby increasing the value of your asset.

Create Email Follow-Up Sequence

Email Sequence:

Publish Articles To Blog

The method below is an organic way of doing things and is cumbersome and labor-intensive but is the foundation of your future success.
Next, publish your well-written articles to your WordPress blog.
It will take some time and a bit of skill for your articles to appear on the first page of Google search.
The good news however is that once it becomes visible for the world to see, it will remain on the internet forever with the potential of helping to generate income for years in the future.
To top it all, you will never have to pay for this at all.

Social Media

Social Media:
A much quicker way of promoting your business to the world is using social media platforms.
This is instant exposure and should be used in conjunction with blogging to maximize your success.

Create Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business Page:
Create a Facebook business page, this can be done using your Facebook profile.
To enhance the appearance of your Facebook page, you can use Canva to create beautiful banners.
Simply edit the existing templates, putting your own spin on it, and you’re good to go.
Having a
Use Canva to create your Facebook business profile and banner has a positive effect on the time visitors will spend on your page.
Use your page to post all kinds of articles images and videos relating to your product or business.
Edit and shorten your blog post article sand post it on your Facebook page with a link to the original article on your blog.

Create Facebook business Account

A Facebook business account will give you a whole lot of advantages, especially for advertising purposes.
There is however a massive frustration that many marketers need to deal with, and that is that many Fb business accounts get banned for the most simple mistakes that you make.

If you are like me, and have had your account restricted you will understand the huge consequenses it will have on your business.
It could virtually devastate your ability to make money if this is your only source of traffic.

Prevention is better, so do make sure that you do things correctly when setting up your ad campaigns

Create Facebook Pixel

The Facebook pixel is crucial if you want to maximize your profits and save on advertising costs.

Create An Audience

Create and test different audience’s:
Facebook allows you to create a specific audience that you would like to target with your advertising which is based on interests, occupation, lifestyle, and virtually any other criteria that you can think of, including their exact location.
use this to your advantage when creating an ideal audience that will be based on the avatar that you have created.

Affiliate Marketing Training

Try to get at least a basic understanding of how affiliate marketing works
Here are some valuable links that offer training and advise some with free trials.
There is not one single program that is going to give all that there is to learn.
My advice would be to do one program at a time and absorb as much info

Create A Facebook Post

Create Post For Advertising:
This is a technique that not many people know about although it can give you a massive boost in sales and revenue.
What you need to do is write an article which is will generate a bit of interest or interaction with people who see and read it.

Boost The Post

Boost The Post:
Boosting a post is basically a way facebook bribes you to show your post to the audience of your choice, this is of course at a cost to you, the advertiser.
Facebook offers advertisers different advertising objectives based on the advertising goal you are trying to achieve.
is it your desire to have more website visitors, or do you want people to like and interact with your post? Dod you want increased sales.
Whatever your aim is you can optimize and advertise campaigns for any of your goals.
The first objective Do you desire to have such as

Run Facebook Ad

Running Facebook Ad Campaigns:

Next, you are going to start running different FB ad campaigns, targeting different audiences.

Create Facebook Retargeting Campaign

Running Facebook Ad Campaigns:

Next, you are going to start running different FB ad campaigns, targeting different audiences.

Create Google Ad Campaign

Creating Your First Google Ad Campaing:

Google remains the premium place where most people who are ready to buy search for products.
Creating a relevant Google Ad campaign, specifally targeting these buyers can be extremely profitable.

Google Anlytics

Create A Google Analytics Account:
Knowing exactly where your